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Swap Shop items are restricted to Amateur Radio items for Sale, Trade, or Give Away.  Only Members of the Northwest Georgia Amateur Radio Club may place items on our Swap Shop web page.

Contact Norval Knight at 770-547-1491 regarding the items listed below and for pricing.

  Qty      Item Price    
  1 MFJ-941E  Turner      
  2 Ham Rotor      
  1 Antenna Selector      
  1 Yaesu Power Meter      
  1 Ameritron AL-80B      
  1 Astron RS-30M 12 Volt Power Supply      
  1 3 Desk Mic      
  1 Yaesu HF Radio      
  1 Polomar Antenna Turner      
  1 MFJ Antenna Turner      
  1 Morse Code Key      
  1 MFJ Morse Code Key      
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